8 March 2012

Vintage Fun

I have been shopping around for a leather bomber jacket for a while but have been facing a bit of a dilemma in that the ones I had been trying on at department stores are either genuine leather and way too expensive, or artificial leather and too stiff and plasticy. So I decided to do something I have never done before, shop Vintage!

I read an article earlier this week about the increasing popularity in vintage clothes due to the current ‘retro’ trend (yes I see the irony) and thought I may as well explore the numerous vintage stores near where I work. Although a bit apprehensive at first, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the ‘boutique’ rather than ‘op shop’ feel of the stores. The displays were cool, all items were neatly presented and the pieces where in great condition.  After being side tracked by a Dior scarf and Chanel clutch, I found my jacket waiting for me.  It looked great, fit like a glove, was real leather and as much as I didn’t want it to be – I knew it was the one.

I must admit though it did take me a while to convince myself to walk over the counter and pay but I eventually did.  Plus, I tried something new, probably saved 75% off what I would’ve spent on a new jacket, and may have even helped save a cow’s life!

My desire for leather was partly inspired by Australian actress
Asher Keddie at the 2012 Tropfest festival

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