10 January 2012

Dwelling on Dylan's Words...

I am currently in the middle of reading Bob Dylan autobiography and caught myself dwelling on the following comment he makes about creativity:

Creativity has much to do with experience, observation and imagination, and if any one of those key elements is missing, it doesn’t work”Bob Dylan (Chronicles: Volume One).

No mention of being born with it or it being reserved for the special & the gifted, all these ‘elements’ if nurtured in anyone of us can create magic! This view coming from a music legend, poet and artist is reassuring as experience comes with learning and anyone can observe let alone imagine...


Not the first thing that comes to mind when you think Bob Dylan but he has also created some great (visual) art. Here are some works I like.
Cassandra - Yellow (c) Bob Dylan
Still life with Peaches – (c) Bob Dylan

Train Tracks – White (c) Bob Dylan

You can see more, or purchase limited edition graphics based on the original paintings at http://www.bobdylanart.com/


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