15 January 2012

A New Toy: Canon Powershot G12

I hate to say it but the consumer in me wanted a new camera to go with my new blog (plus, I haven't had a 'proper' camera for a long time as I'd learnt to rely on my iphone so thought it's about time). As soon as I started asking around, a friend of mine recommended the Canon Powershot G12. After satisfying myself with the online reviews I decided to buy one off e-bay as I thought it was good value, good size, and not too over the top with functionality. After playing around with it a little I decided that I was quite impressed! I like the manual features and the various ‘scene selections' on offer...here are some shots I took as soon as the package arrived to my office (I contemplated reading the manual first but decided against it. I couldn't wait to go out and play!)

Street in Darlinghurst (using 'vivid colour' setting)

..same Street, different camera setting

I don't normally like foliage photos (find them very boring!) but now that I am taking them myself it's another story. I had so much fun with this, and the quality of the pics was great that I ended up taking almost 20 shots of the same flower bed.

Flowers in the Domain (using 'foliage' setting)

A view of the CBD and the lovely St Mary’s Cathedral from the park. 
(I think the setting for this one was 'nostalgia')

There are so many options and functions and I ended up taking lots & lot of shots that day...So in summary, a new camera and a great town makes for a great 'lunch break'!

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  1. I love new gadgets too :) Some great city shots x