8 January 2012

First Post: Why Art & Why Now?

I have been thinking about blogging for the last year or so but excuses such as lack of time and the already overflowing blogosphere have overwhelmed me. Then it occurred to me: no two journeys are the same and this is mine..!

One of the main reasons for creating this online home is to explore my recent reunion with art and creative expression after spending almost a decade apart. I don’t know how it happened but after being a great visual art and art history student in high school I went on to study Economics at university and have been working in property development for the past 10 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my office job and am very grateful for my career but there’s something about appreciating and creating art that has stuck with me after all these years. This only surfaced two years ago during a quiet period at work when I decided to sign up for an “Art for Beginners” evening course.  I am not sure what it was that pulled me to enrol in that course but it was then that my really life changed... and there’s no going back.

My intention was to complete the 6 week art course as a pass time until work at the office got busy again but it wasn’t that simple and I soon realised that I was maybe headed here all along. Throughout my life, in all my relationships, conversations, hobbies and travels (and there’s been quite a bit of globetrotting) there has been an underlying desire to express and explore...and for me this seems to be best done via painting, drawing, sketching, scribbling, carving, colouring, writing and my new found medium, blogging. So here it goes!

Hope you enjoy.

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